Custom Carousel On The Rose Kennedy Greenway

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Custom Carousel On The Rose Kennedy Greenway - Lobster

Custom Carousel Character On The Rose Kennedy Greenway

CL Waterfront Properties, LLC is proud to announce their role in the new Custom Carousel on the Rose Kennedy Greenway event. The Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy has commissioned a custom, one-of-a-kind carousel for the Greenway. This carousel will be much different than the Carousel’s we are accustomed to seeing. The hand-carved creatures of this carousel are inspired by the Wildlife of Boston Harbor, the Shawmut Peninsula, and the imaginations of Boston’s children. Conservancy staff asked Boston Public School students from the North End, South Boston, Beacon Hill, and Dorchester for their ideas. These ideas are what inspired carousel expert and sculptor, Jeffrey Briggs, when creating the animals for the new carousel.

Once complete, the carousel will be New England’s only handicapped accessible carousel. A generous, anonymous donor has pledged to match all funds raised up to $300,000. Next time you walk by the CL Waterfront’s office don’t be alarmed when you see a sculptured skunk next to the pictures of our beautiful luxury properties. He’s soon to be our new neighbor, along with his other wildlife friends. Contact CL Waterfront Properties for more info!


State Bans Daytime HazMat Trucking On City Streets

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Hazardous Materials Carriers Routed Around The City During Daylight Hours

A gasoline tanker travels through the Waterfront

A Gasoline Tanker On Waterfront Streets - image courtesy of NorthEndWaterfront.com

After many years of complaints, appeals, and petitions from local residents and businesses, state government has overturned a 2009 decision to allow HazMat trucks without Boston destinations free use of city roadways. Banned from city streets in 2005 after the opening of the Big Dig and the removal of the elevated expressway, the trucking lobby was able to get the ban overturned in 2009 citing revenue loss due to the added time and expense of routing commercial traffic around the city on Route 128. Trucks carrying hazardous materials are not allowed in any city tunnels, which forced drivers onto the main roads of the city in order to resume travel on I-93.

Trucks which have legitimate business to do in the city are still allowed to do so; using the city as a shortcut, however, is expressly prohibited. The simplest route around the tunnels, if one were to follow the now underground expressway route, is on the surface roads bounding the Rose Kennedy Greenway. Traveling through the heart of the revitalized Waterfront, HazMat trucks pose a serious threat to the safety of the surrounding area, as incidents like last summer’s massive explosion on Route 1 in Saugus illustrated. Local residents and business owners, among them Carmela Laurella and Vito Ascolillo of CL Waterfront Properties, stated as much in a petition which ultimately swayed MassDOT to uphold the daytime HazMat trucking ban.

This move came as wonderful news to those concerned with the safety of the city; gasoline tankers using Waterfront streets to cut through town passed by hundreds of businesses, schools, and residences on their way to their end destinations. Hazmat trucking is still allowed at night, although locals are working hard to end that practice as well. State signage will announce the new route around the city for one month, with the regulation going into effect June 13th. To find out more about the positive impact this will have on Boston’s Waterfront, or to learn Boston Waterfront homes, contact the local experts at CL Waterfront Properties today.


Harborwalk and Greenway Flourish, Mark Tide of Change For Boston’s Waterfront

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Clean Waters And Revitalized Public Space Signal New Life For Once Neglected Neighborhood

boston waterfront harborwalk

Clean, Safe Waters Now Border This Historic Neighborhood

Boston’s Waterfront district was once little more than a barrier between the financial hub of the city and the famously, shamefully dirty water of the Harbor. The elevated expressway, referred to by Mayor Menino as “Boston’s other Green Monster” and a notable emblem of the former state of the city’s urban infrastructure, has given way to a picturesque, verdant promenade, the Rose Kennedy Greenway. Plantings revealed at the groundbreaking ceremony in 2008 are now beginning to mature and shade the walkways and benches of the Greenway, and various initiatives have brought road and foot traffic right to the water’s edge – revealing a startling transformation.

The Waterfront today stands as a shining example of progressive development and positive local government influence. The neighborhood is now brimming with activity, from pedestrians and bicyclists enjoying the 47 miles of shoreline on the easily accessible HarborWalk to new construction reaching for the sky from such formerly unlikely places as South Boston. There are even plans to operate a water taxi from East Boston’s Maverick Square to Fan Pier in the Waterfront, which would make East Boston a viable and attractive location for those in search of an easy commute downtown.

Tireless effort by advocacy groups such as the Boston Harbor Association have finally transformed what was in recent memory little more than an eyesore into a residential and commercial district flush with opportunity. The harbor itself was even recently referred to by the EPA as a “great American jewel” – a far cry from the dark days of pollution and neglect, and a source of much pride for those who have dedicated their lives to revitalizing this quintessentially American landmark.

Stop by the Waterfront at any given time and you will be treated to visions of locals and tourists alike strolling the sprawling HarborWalk and enjoying a picnic on the Greenway – to those who have witnessed the transformation at hand, it’s a refreshing sight to behold. To find out more about our neighborhood and the many reasons to visit or call Boston’s Waterfront home, contact the local experts at CL Waterfront Properties today.


Summer Campaign Aims To Draw Large Numbers Of Visitors To Boston’s Waterfront

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Boston Harbor Association and Others Contribute to Large Scale Marketing and Tourism Effort

Boston's waterfront neighborhood

Boston's thriving Waterfront neighborhood

Boston’s Waterfront district has evolved greatly since the demolition of the elevated Central Artery and the opening of the Rose Kennedy Greenway. The area now boasts a large number of small businesses, clean public spaces, amazing luxury condos, and even Boston Harbor waters clean enough for swimming. For many locals, however, the Waterfront remains unexplored. How to draw a crowd? That is the aim of a group of nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and local business owners behind a campaign labeled “Summer on the Waterfront: Eat, Splash, Shop, Learn.’’ Backed by a $100K+ marketing campaign, it will be formally revealed on June 1, with a kickoff ceremony to be held June 2 on the Greenway. The campaign will run through Labor Day in efforts to boost Waterfront tourism and gain exposure for the many new local businesses that call the Boston Waterfront home.

Along with a special campaign website (www.summeronthewaterfront.org) and a full roster of events, it will feature outdoor concerts, historic and architectural tours, and the opening of two new Waterfront visitor centers, in Faneuil Hall and on Peddocks Island in Boston Harbor. Educational programs and family-oriented activities, from harbor island day trips to scavenger hunts, will highlight Boston’s storied history. To find out more about this campaign, the many attractions that make the Waterfront a great place to call home, or one of the fantastic Waterfront condos Boston has to offer, contact CL Waterfront Properties today.