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    About Charlestown’s Navy Yard

    Founded in 1629 before the City of Boston itself, Charlestown is the City’s oldest neighborhood. Much of Charlestown was burned to the ground by British troops following the Battle of Bunker Hill in 1775 and was subsequently rebuilt. The Bunker Hill Monument constructed in 1826 and completed in 1842 commemorates the famous battle. Charlestown is home to another celebrated relic of the nation’s history, the U.S.S. Constitution. Also known as “Old Ironsides,” it is the oldest continually commissioned ship in the United States Navy and is docked in the Charlestown Navy Yard.

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45 1st Ave 45 1st Ave Charlestown's Navy Yard
45 1st Ave 211 45 1st Ave 211 Charlestown's Navy Yard
106 13th St 310 106 13th St 310 Charlestown's Navy Yard
33 3rd Street U308 33 3rd Street U308 Charlestown's Navy Yard
33 3rd Street 303 33 3rd Street 303 Charlestown's Navy Yard