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    Beacon Hill, the last of Boston’s three original hills, was named for the sentry light raised on its peak. Today, Beacon Hill is one of Boston’s premiere historic neighborhoods and home to the Commonwealth’s government. The State House, with its hallmark gold leaf dome, was built near the original colonial beacon and today shines over Boston Common.

    Largely residential, the neighborhood is home to historic 19th century townhouses, many of which were designed by the famous Charles Bulfinch, architect of the State House and other Boston landmarks. The area’s small but prosperous commercial district extends down Charles Street, and is home to antique shops, gourmet food stores and restaurants.

    The West End, considerably impacted by Urban Renewal of the 1970s, is a small but significant community tucked behind Beacon Hill. Historically an ethnically diverse and vibrant neighborhood, the West End today is economically anchored by Massachusetts General Hospital.

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6 Whittier Place 101-106 6 Whittier Place 101-106 West End
9 Hawthorne Place 9 Hawthorne Place West End
8 Whittier Place 23E 8 Whittier Place 23E West End
618 Highland Ave 618 Highland Ave West End
186 E Border Rd 186 E Border Rd West End
134 Dexter Street 134 Dexter Street West End
15 3rd St 15 3rd St West End
154 Savin St 154 Savin St West End
150 Staniford Street 520 150 Staniford Street 520 West End
52 Boundary Rd 52 Boundary Rd West End
2 Hawthorne Place 14J 2 Hawthorne Place 14J West End
8 Whittier Pl 7D 8 Whittier Pl 7D West End
8 Whittier Pl 10D 8 Whittier Pl 10D West End
8 Whittier Place 4F 8 Whittier Place 4F West End
8 Whittier Pl 10F 8 Whittier Pl 10F West End
8 Whittier Place 3F 8 Whittier Place 3F West End
175 Blossom Street 06/03 175 Blossom Street 06/03 West End
4 Emerson Place 09 4 Emerson Place 09 West End
175 Blossom Street 02/04 175 Blossom Street 02/04 West End
50 Causeway 614 50 Causeway 614 West End
50 Causeway 706 50 Causeway 706 West End
8 Whittier Place 16B 8 Whittier Place 16B West End
82 Hawthorne St 82 Hawthorne St West End
101 Beverly Street 10Z 101 Beverly Street 10Z West End
101 Beverly Street 12E 101 Beverly Street 12E West End