Waterfront Market Comparison: 2012 v. 2013

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The Boston condo market has experienced a significant boost in sales throughout the past year. Below, find information that displays the changes in average price per square foot along Boston’s Waterfront.

Waterfront Average $/Sq.Ft. as of January 30, 2012:

Location Avg. $/Sq.Ft.
Waterfront 646
Mariner 672
Commercial   Wharf 639
Lincoln   Wharf 480
Union   Wharf 836
Battery   Wharf 853
Harbor   Towers 541
Burroughs   Wharf 1,055
Lewis   Wharf 665
Intercontinental 844
Rowes   Wharf 1,093
Prince   Building 680


Waterfront Average $/Sq.Ft. as of January 9, 2013:

Location Avg. $/Sq.Ft.
Waterfront 696
Mariner 897
Commercial   Wharf 784
Lincoln   Wharf 488
Union   Wharf 804
Battery   Wharf 915
Harbor   Towers 587
Burroughs   Wharf 1,286
Lewis   Wharf 732
Intercontinental 790
Rowes   Wharf 999
Prince   Building 655

As seen above, the Waterfront market experienced a healthy increase in $/Sq.Ft. Waterfront sales now average $696/Sq.Ft. as opposed to $646/Sq.Ft. a year ago. Other notable increases in $/Sq.Ft. are The Mariner, Commercial Wharf, Harbor Towers, Burroughs Wharf, and Lewis Wharf. Burroughs Wharf still holds the highest $/Sq.Ft. on the Waterfront with its sales averaging $1,286/Sq.Ft.

With interest rates still low, and forecasted to remain low, our sales market should continue to prosper in 2013. For more information on the Waterfront condo market contact CL Waterfront Properties today!


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