Celebrity Chef Jody Adams to open new Restaurant at the Atlantic Wharf:Trade

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Chef Jody Adams on the Boston Waterfront. Photo by Michael Diskin.This is just one more sign that Boston’s waterfront is becoming the city’s center of  sophistication and fun.  Celebrity Chef Jody Adam’s, well known for Rialto, a top rated restaurant in Cambridge that has earned praise from Gourmet as well as Food and Wine magazines, will soon be opening “Trade at Atlantic Wharf.”  The restaurant will feature modern Mediterranean cuisine inspired by Spanish, Italian, and Greek styles.  Some of the known menu items include grilled bluefish, roast chicken marinated in lemon, slow-cooked stuffed pork and braised beef short ribs priced from $23 to $30.

Jody Adams has been in the game for decades, and continues to impress the culinary and restauranteuring world today.  A renowned chef, author, world traveler, and Top Chef Masters contestant, Adams seems to do everything relating to food.  “Trade at Atlantic Wharf” is sure to be one of Boston’s next hot new restaurant destination!

The Seaport District is exploding with popularity.  Many new restaurants like Trade, as well as art galleries and beautiful luxury loft conversions have made many compare this part of Boston to neighborhoods like New York’s SoHo.  If you are interested in real estate or information about living in Boston’s Seaport District, contact CL Waterfront Properties today!