Celebrity Chef Jody Adams to open new Restaurant at the Atlantic Wharf:Trade

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Chef Jody Adams on the Boston Waterfront. Photo by Michael Diskin.This is just one more sign that Boston’s waterfront is becoming the city’s center of  sophistication and fun.  Celebrity Chef Jody Adam’s, well known for Rialto, a top rated restaurant in Cambridge that has earned praise from Gourmet as well as Food and Wine magazines, will soon be opening “Trade at Atlantic Wharf.”  The restaurant will feature modern Mediterranean cuisine inspired by Spanish, Italian, and Greek styles.  Some of the known menu items include grilled bluefish, roast chicken marinated in lemon, slow-cooked stuffed pork and braised beef short ribs priced from $23 to $30.

Jody Adams has been in the game for decades, and continues to impress the culinary and restauranteuring world today.  A renowned chef, author, world traveler, and Top Chef Masters contestant, Adams seems to do everything relating to food.  “Trade at Atlantic Wharf” is sure to be one of Boston’s next hot new restaurant destination!

The Seaport District is exploding with popularity.  Many new restaurants like Trade, as well as art galleries and beautiful luxury loft conversions have made many compare this part of Boston to neighborhoods like New York’s SoHo.  If you are interested in real estate or information about living in Boston’s Seaport District, contact CL Waterfront Properties today!


“Cliff Diving” in Boston

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Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2011 Boston

Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2011 - Boston

You would typically expect to see a “high-dive” board about 10 meters above the water. However, this past weekend the Institute of Contemporary Art building at Boston’s Fan Pier was transformed into an 80-foot diving board for competitive cliff diving. Cliff diving is usually considered a recreational sport where the diver jumps from a rock formation into either fresh or salt water. While the ICA in Boston is not technically a “cliff” it was the sixth stop for the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series for 2011.

The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series is the most prominent competitive platform for the sport of cliff diving. On Saturday, over 23,000 sports fans of Boston were introduced to a completely different type of sporting event where 14 divers from nine countries, between the ages of 25 and 46 competed for their spot in the competition’s standings. Gary Hunt, competing for Great Britain, swept the Boston round by accumulating 463.20 points and solidifying his first place spot with 109 points for the overall competition.

Boston was the competition’s first-ever East Coast stop in the United States. On their sixth stop the divers got to experience Boston Harbor’s “temperate” August water (averaging about 68 degrees Fahrenheit at this time of year). To learn more about the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2011 click here.

Or to learn how you, too, can experience the exciting lifestyle in the Waterfront District – even if it’s not jumping into the Harbor from the top of the ICA – contact CL Waterfront today!


CL Waterfront finds Boston Gliders New Home

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Post by Travis Sach

After months of negotiations and planning, Boston Gliders have taken occupancy into the uninhabited gas station at 420 Commercial Street.  CL Waterfront Properties LLC brokered the transaction. What an unbelievable location for the company and an astounding tenant for the owner and community, bringing fun and entertaining segway tours along the Boston Waterfront, North End and all across Boston’s most notable sites. Boston Gliders is open 7 days a week in rain, sleet, or snow. Tourists never stop and neither does the company. Now in its 3rd location, the segways are taking over the city. Soon enough, we all are going to be using them to go to work or to the local store.  Please visit their website for more information: www.Bostongliders.com.


Taste of the North End

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Some of CL Waterfront’s North End residents got a “taste” of the neighborhood at the 17th annual event “Taste of the North End” last Friday, May 6.  The event was attended by over 700 people and featured foods from 37 different restaurants throughout the North End. Some of tTaste of the North Endhe restaurants including in the tasting were Ducali, Tresca, Lucca, Filippo, among many others.

For the first time in about ten years the event was brought back to the neighborhood for which it represents. In the past the “Taste of the North End” has been held at Saint John School, the Coast Guard base, and the New England Aquarium. This year local residents were pleased to see that the venue was much more open and had returned to its roots. The “Taste” annually raises funds for neighborhood charities, including the North End Waterfront Health Center. Throughout the past 17 years the event has raised over $1 million for these local charities – this year the event raised over $100,000.

The enthusiasm for this event and the North End neighborhood are obvious through the ongoing participation of local restaurants and the attendees who return every year. Included in these habitual “tasters” is State Representative, Aaron Michlewitz, who noted how important the event is for the community when he said, “It shows the uniqueness of our neighborhood and how many great restaurants we have and how many great things we have going on in the neighborhood.” This event truly is a tribute to the local businesses in the North End and a testimonial to its extraordinary community atmosphere.


Boston Waterfront, a Great Place to Live!

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Posted by: Joe Taglieri

Get the most from your trip to Boston!  Visit Boston, and you’ll discover the charm of one of America’s oldest and most Historical Waterfronts.  Boston’s many tourism and historical attractions provide visitors with plenty of places to explore and interesting things to do.

Naturally, Boston has changed a lot since Samuel Adams and fellow Sons of Liberty plotted their tea party in the local taverns near the Boston Waterfront – but you’ll still find the old Wharfs plus plenty of other authentic historical sites, right next to skyscrapers, gleaming hotels, and some of the best Waterfront Locations the city has to offer to call home.

Lewis Wharf in Boston, condos for sale by CL Waterfront Properties LLC

Lewis Wharf, Boston MA

Visit Boston, and you’ll also find a modern, vibrant waterfront city with thriving theaters, concerts, gorgeous parks, lots of outdoor recreation, a lively nightlife, and of course, great places to live on the Boston’s Waterfront Historic Wharves; including Commercial Wharf, Lewis Wharf, Union Wharf, Battery Wharf, Burroughs Wharf, and E. India Row.  This is a short walk and just as enjoyable to see by any of Boston Waterfront’s short cruises that take you all around the historical Harbor.

If you visit Boston, expect to fall in love with the City’s Old World charm and character.  You might even consider it one of the best places to live on earth with a great ‘neighborhood feel’.  Boston is a place you visit once and instantaneously want to move too!  Which makes owning a home in Boston a great investment for property owners and city dwellers alike.

Contact me if you need help locating the perfect Boston Waterfront home.  I’d be happy to assist you!


Mirabella Pool – North End Oasis

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Posted By: Joe Taglieri

Mirabella Pool is a great public swimming pool located in the North End/Waterfront area at 475R Commercial Street.  Open 7 days/week during the summer from 11 am to 7 pm, Mirabella offers visitors beautiful views of Boston Harbor as they lounge pool-side.

The Mirabella Pool is run by the Boston Community Center and there is a membership fee ($15 for the year per person) or you can pay for a $3 for a day pass.  There is also a free, fenced-in waddling pool and sprinkler outside for the public, which is ideal for infants and toddlers.

Mirabella public pool in Boston's North End

Don’t just take my word for it, check out the great reviews this summer oasis has been receiving on Yelp.com!


You can sign up for a pool pass at the Nazzarro Community Center in the North End (617.635.5166).

Getting There:

Located on Commercial Street near the Steriti Ice Skating Rink. On-street parking on Commercial is available to North End residents only.

475R Commercial Street
Boston (North End), MA

Mirabella Pool Office Tel: 617.635.5235


Saint Agrippina Feast – VIVA!

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Posted By: Joe Taglieri

The Saint Agrippina Feast is this weekend on Hanover St. in the Historic North End.  Come join the festivities, Friday July 30th – Sunday Aug 1st!

The opening of the feast at 459 Hanover Street. Where a life size statue in a beautiful ornate canopy will be taken from the Chapel and taken amid the decorated streets of the North End accompanied by the North End Marching Band. Each year since 1914, this group of devoted people come together to renew their faith in Boston’s North End, as was the custom in the land of origin, Mineo, Sicily. Each year everyone is invited to witness the respect and honor that is bestowed on this young, beautiful martyred saint.

Saint Agrippina North End Boston

Wonderful community events like this are just another reason to make Boston’s North End your new neighborhood!  Contact CL Waterfront Properties LLC if you’d like more information on living in one of Boston’s most desirable areas!