S. Boston Waterfront Gets a New Look in 2012

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Up and coming developments are coming to the innovation district this year.2012 means entering a new era for the South Boston Waterfront.   Developers are planning on starting construction on more than 1,700 apartments in the next few months, which may replace many of the open parking lots with modern glass buildings that’ll make the area more of a neighborhood.

Now known as the “Innovation District” by Mayor Thomas M. Menino, the South Boston Waterfront has been gaining a lot of positive attention with companies, investors, and developers.  According to the city, more than 90 business have set up shop in the area during the last two years to help it evolve into the Boston’s newest hot spot.

To learn more about the exciting news, please check out this latest Boston Globe article, “Changes on the Waterfront”.


Large Waterfront Development in South Boston Set For Groundbreaking in Spring 2012

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Channel CenterJohn Drew, whose development company built projects such as the Boston World Trade Center complex and the Seaport Hotel, has announced that the long delayed construction of a mixed residential and commercial project on Congress Street in South Boston will begin in the Spring of 2012. The project’s 236 apartments and retail stores will help catalyze the area’s development.  The combined residential/commercial build strategy ensures daily activity and  therefore confidence among potential retailers and restaurants that there will be sufficient business in the area, in turn sparking new development.

Although much growth is expected over the next few years in the area that Drew is targeting, it is certainly not devoid of life at present.  Luxury condominium buildings in the area are highly sought after, such as the lofts at 25 Channel Center.  Mayor Menino spoke promisingly about the South Boston Waterfront area, noting that 70 companies have moved to the area over the past few years, bringing 2,000 jobs with them. Menino added that he only thinks the area will prosper further, mentioning the popularity of many area restaurants.

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