Mortgage Rates Hit All Time Lows

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Freddie Mac announced late last week that mortgage rates have dropped to their lowest levels on record. With mortgage rates at all time lows it is the perfect time to look into purchasing or refinancing your Waterfront home.

Conventional Conforming Mortgage (Loan amounts up to $417,000)


5/1 ARM: 2.625%

10/1 ARM: 3.5%

30 Year Fixed: 4.375%

15 Year Fixed: 3.375%

Non-Conforming /JUMBO Mortgage (Loan amounts $417,000 – $5 million)


5/1 ARM: 3.125%

10/1 ARM: 3.875%

30 Year Fixed: 4.75%

15 Year Fixed: 4.00%


*Rates provided by lender in Boston area and subject to borrower’s qualifications and assumption that property is a primary or secondary (not investment) condo or single family.