QR Codes – The Hottest Thing in Real Estate!

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QR Codes are revolutionizing Boston real estate!

14 million Americans used QR codes this past June alone, according to a recent ComScore study – and useage is rising dramatically. You’ve probably already seen QR codes, although you might not know exactly what they do or what purpose they serve.

QR codes work a lot like the bar codes you see on items in the grocery store – with one major exception. Bar codes store minimal info about an item, typically the stock number and often also the price. QR codes are keyed to a specific URL – so they can take you with a quick scan of a smartphone to the web address of an amazing Boston luxury condo! We have been using QR codes for quite a while now, on pretty much any printed material we generate. The codes are a very simple and useful way to give people access to more information than you can share with someone in print – and by bringing people to your website, you can interact with them on a much more personal, social level.

Click the QR codes you see on listing sheets in the window of our Waterfront offices, on materials you print from this site, and on brochures you see at our open houses to go directly to full details about any of our fabulous Boston waterfront properties. To find out more about the luxury Boston real estate we represent or to learn more about how we use technology to help our clients sell for top dollar or find the perfect new home, contact CL Waterfront Properties today – or scan one of our QR codes with your smartphone!