Best Boston Waterfront and North End Parking Deals

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Posted by:  Joe Taglieri

Parking in the city of Boston can be difficult if you’re not familiar with the area.  I’ve compiled a list of the best parking deals in the Boston Waterfront and Boston’s North End to help guide you.

Parcel 7 Garage is where I always park if I’m going to North End/Waterfront and plan to not stay for more then 3 hours. Unfortunately, others also know about this garage . . . so sometimes it’s full.  If you plan to park at Parcel 7, always have a back-up parking garage choice in mind.

Parcel 7 Garage aka “Haymarket Garage”

Address:  136 Blackstone Street
Located right at the beginning of Hanover St.

Quick & Easy Access To: Haymarket, Faneuil Hall, Quincy Market, Government Center, and City Hall Plaza.  You can also walk across the Greenway to the North End, Boston Waterfront, Boston cruises, and the New England Aquarium.

Also Reasonably Close To: TD Garden and North End / nightlife venues, Waterfront, Downtown Boston

Daily Rates: $28 if you’re there for more than 3 hours

You also can get bargain rates with Haymarket vendor validation:  $1 for 1-2 hours parking, and parking is only $3 for up to 3 hours, however the regular $28 per day rate kicks in if you park for over 3 hours.  This is really, really cheap (if you shop at Haymarket & North End or want to visit the Waterfront), really, really convenient, and in my opinion, one of the best parking bargains in Boston!

There are several other nearby parking deals along the North End’s Waterfront, Commercial Street, and Atlantic Avenue to be found at various small parking lots.  Parking rates tend to vary depending on the day, time, and season, so your best bet is to either drive by to see the advertised prices or call the parking garages in advance and inquire.  Several Boston parking garages offer ‘Early Bird’ rates- at least some of the time.

Here are a few more parking options you can consider when visiting Boston’s Waterfront or North End:

Parking in BostonLewis Wharf Parking

Address:  28 Atlantic Ave.
For more information: 617-227-3713

Sargent’s Wharf Parking

Address:  269 Commercial St.
For more information: 617-367-1681

LAZ Parking

Address:  290 Commercial St.
For more information: 617-367-6412

2 Atlantic Avenue Garage

Address:  2 Atlantic Ave.
For more information: 617-854-3365

MBTA Parking at TD Garden

Address:  135 Causeway St. (at Canal St.)
Number of Spaces:  1,275 for cars (38 handicap accessible) and 20 for bikes
Hourly Rates Starts At:  $5
Special Event Parking:  $25

Boston Harbor Garage at the Aquarium

Address:  70 East India Row (at intersection of Atlantic Ave. and Milk St.)
Daily Rate:  $35
Early Bird Rate:  $19 if you arrive before 8:30am and depart before 7:00pm

The next time you visit the Boston Waterfront or North End neighborhoods, don’t forget to check this list!  If you’re looking to buy a new home in the area, many luxury buildings in the area have parking available.  Contact us today to find out more about where to live and where to park in Boston!