Mortgage Rates Hit All Time Lows

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Freddie Mac announced late last week that mortgage rates have dropped to their lowest levels on record. With mortgage rates at all time lows it is the perfect time to look into purchasing or refinancing your Waterfront home.

Conventional Conforming Mortgage (Loan amounts up to $417,000)


5/1 ARM: 2.625%

10/1 ARM: 3.5%

30 Year Fixed: 4.375%

15 Year Fixed: 3.375%

Non-Conforming /JUMBO Mortgage (Loan amounts $417,000 – $5 million)


5/1 ARM: 3.125%

10/1 ARM: 3.875%

30 Year Fixed: 4.75%

15 Year Fixed: 4.00%


*Rates provided by lender in Boston area and subject to borrower’s qualifications and assumption that property is a primary or secondary (not investment) condo or single family.


Why Buying a Home is Like Dating…

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Posted by: Vito Ascolillo

Happy couple in love in their new home

Finding Love is Like Find the Perfect Home

You may not realize it, but finding the perfect Boston luxury home is actually a lot like find the perfect mate!

Finding true love and finding a home you will truly love, both start with you looking for something that will be in your future.  Like dating, when you search for a new home, you go searching for something attractive, comfortable, and even sexy.  There are certain criteria or conditions to be met like size/heart, how many rooms/weight, date built/age, updated appliances/nip-tuck, missing shingles/hair loss, etc.

Each home has its upside and downside just like each date.  Is it a warm place/does he have heart?  Are there too many stairs/is she understanding?  Can I hear the neighbors through the walls/is he listening to me?

So you keep searching and dating, then finally, you find it!  The perfect Boston home and the perfect person.

If you need help find a Back Bay condo or Beacon Hill condo, or want to tour luxury homes for sale on Boston’s Waterfront or North End, contact CL Waterfront Properties LLC.

Happy Valentine’s Day!