OpSail Boston 2012 Coming To Our Harbor Soon

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Tall Ships Coming To Boston Waterfront To Celebrate And Educate

Tall Ships Coming Back To Boston Summer 2012

Tall Ships Coming To Boston Summer 2012

Operation Sail, Inc. (OpSail), a national non-profit organization, will be bringing tall ships to Boston this summer! This summer’s festivities will be a celebration of the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812 and the Star Spangled Banner. The ships will sail into Boston on June 30th and depart from Boston on July 5th.

When asked about this summer’s activities, Jose Fuentes, Chairman of Operation Sail, Inc. said, “Partnership with U.S. Navy in this magnificent international Waterfront spectacle in Boston will showcase the character-building aspects of sail training and why it is so important to preserve our maritime heritage”.

The two primary locations for the ships will be Fish Pier, located in the Seaport District, and the Charlestown Navy Yard. As these boats sail along Boston’s Harbor, various activities will be held along the Boston Harborwalk.

Aside from Fish Pier and the Navy Yard, the best locations for viewing the tall ships will be Battery Wharf, Burroughs Wharf, Commercial Wharf, Lewis Wharf, Lincoln Wharf, and Union Wharf.

For any questions regarding the OpSail tall ships program or Boston’s Waterfront Wharfs, contact CL Waterfront Properties today!


Breaking Records in this Busy Spring Market

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Residence 710 at The Mariner, SOLD!

CL Waterfront Properties has been making strides and breaking records  in this bustling spring market. Over the past six months the company has sold six properties between $1.8 Million and $2.6 Million with an unprecedented average of $1,066 per square foot! All of the high-end luxury sales were located along the primary footpath of the Waterfront in elite buildings including:  The Mariner, Burroughs Wharf, Commercial Wharf, and two sales at Union Wharf.

For more information about your home, or if you are looking to Buy or Sell, now is as good a time as ever. Contact our offices today!


Condo Sales Climbing in Boston; October Sales Numbers

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Boston.com recently reported that Boston’s downtown condominium market rose by more than 22 percent in the third quarter as home buyers gained confidence in the city’s core residential areas according to data released by the Listing Information Network, a company that tracks the downtown real estate market.  Sales along the Boston Waterfront are also rising!

Harbor Towers Luxury Condo recently sold by CL Waterfront Properties LLC

Harbor Towers Luxury Condo recently sold by CL Waterfront Properties, LLC

Condo sales in the Waterfront/North End continued to strengthen in October, as 15 properties closed with a total sales volume of $15,184,000.  The average sale price for the month was $1,084,000, which is considerably higher than October 2010 when the average sale price was only $767,000.

CL Waterfront represented six of these October sales and $6.199M volume.  CL Waterfront closed deals at Lincoln Wharf, Harbor Towers, Burrough’s Wharf and 2 sales at Union Wharf.

Year to date, CL Waterfront continues to be the Waterfront’s top brokerage; having closed more than $52M on 50 transactions.  Since opening in the winter of 2010, CL Waterfront has already sold more than $100M in real estate.

If you need help selling your Boston Condo, contact CL Waterfront today.

Read the Full Boston.com article here


Boston Waterfront, a Great Place to Live!

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Posted by: Joe Taglieri

Get the most from your trip to Boston!  Visit Boston, and you’ll discover the charm of one of America’s oldest and most Historical Waterfronts.  Boston’s many tourism and historical attractions provide visitors with plenty of places to explore and interesting things to do.

Naturally, Boston has changed a lot since Samuel Adams and fellow Sons of Liberty plotted their tea party in the local taverns near the Boston Waterfront – but you’ll still find the old Wharfs plus plenty of other authentic historical sites, right next to skyscrapers, gleaming hotels, and some of the best Waterfront Locations the city has to offer to call home.

Lewis Wharf in Boston, condos for sale by CL Waterfront Properties LLC

Lewis Wharf, Boston MA

Visit Boston, and you’ll also find a modern, vibrant waterfront city with thriving theaters, concerts, gorgeous parks, lots of outdoor recreation, a lively nightlife, and of course, great places to live on the Boston’s Waterfront Historic Wharves; including Commercial Wharf, Lewis Wharf, Union Wharf, Battery Wharf, Burroughs Wharf, and E. India Row.  This is a short walk and just as enjoyable to see by any of Boston Waterfront’s short cruises that take you all around the historical Harbor.

If you visit Boston, expect to fall in love with the City’s Old World charm and character.  You might even consider it one of the best places to live on earth with a great ‘neighborhood feel’.  Boston is a place you visit once and instantaneously want to move too!  Which makes owning a home in Boston a great investment for property owners and city dwellers alike.

Contact me if you need help locating the perfect Boston Waterfront home.  I’d be happy to assist you!


Paying to Save: How to Cut Your Mortgage Bill

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mortgageMaking just one extra mortgage payment can save you thousands!  Paying extra to save may sound counter-intuitive, but the fact is that just one payment can make a huge difference in the total cost of your home’s mortgage (and also shave years off the payment period!)

To illustrate this, take a look at the following example:

Jill has a $200,000 30 year mortgage with a 6.5% interest rate.  Her monthly payment is $1,264 per month.   This means the total interest paid on her loan will be $255,088.98, leaving Jill with an overall bill of $455,088.98.

However, if Jill has the same mortgage and terms but pays an additional payment of $1264 per year, the total interest paid drops down to $199,098.92 with an overall bill of $399,098.92!   Not only will Jill cut into the amount of accrued interest, but she also reduced the pay off date. 

By just adding an extra monthly payment per year, Jill saved herself nearly $56,000 and paid off her loan 6 years early!


Where Can You Get An Extra Payment?

Paying an extra month per year is a great way to save money in the long run, but for many it can be hard to realigned budgets to make it work.  Paying an extra $1264 per year can be difficult to stomach — especially if you aren’t required to!  However, there are ways to do so without really even noticing you are!

  1. Keep a consistent budget: Most people are paid every two weeks, leaving them with 26 paychecks per year.  For your mortgage, you only need to make 12 payments per year.  If half of your paychecks go towards paying off your mortgage, you are left with two full paychecks that aren’t touched by your mortgage.  These may have once been your “splurge fund,” but if you consistently divide all of your paychecks, you are likely to have an additional month’s mortgage payment on hand without noticing it.
  1. Change your payment schedule: Two times per year, you will be given three paychecks per month instead of two.  These “extra” paychecks can easily be applied to your mortgage.  In fact, many mortgage companies will allow you to set up and use a bi-monthly payment schedule that will withdraw half of your monthly payment every two weeks.  You will be paying 13 payments without ever noticing a drop in your paychecks!  Make sure, however, that your lender allows you to apply this additional amount paid
  2. Whether your real estate dream is a luxury Boston condo or a Boston Waterfront property — now is the time to take the leap! Contact CL Waterfront Properties, LLC today!