Lincoln Wharf: A Story of Renewal

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Find your Lincoln Wharf dream home with CL Waterfront today!Our very own Lincoln Wharf on the Boston Waterfront was featured in the WCVB-TV BOSTON feature segment, “Recycled Boston”, a series about the stories of historical buildings around Boston and how they became revitalized.

The news story delves into the building’s rich history and the architect who made its rebirth possible, Bob Verrier.

Lincoln Wharf, built in 1901, was once the power plant for the MBTA that generated the power for the once-elevated railways.  It had four large boilers that were about hundred twenty feet high, from ceiling to floor. With that much height and space, Verrier and his team envisioned the Wharf could support 10 new floors.

Through ingenuity and hardwork, they brought the wharf to life into what it is today.  Now home to nearly two hundred waterfront condos and boasting breath-taking harbor views from its windows and balconies.

To watch the full segment on this famous North End building, follow this link below – http://www.thebostonchannel.com/video/30751069/detail.html

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