Largest Waterfront Listing Brokerage in Our First Year

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Since opening it’s doors in January of this year, CL Waterfront Properties LLC has become the largest listing brokerage on the Boston Waterfront with more than 65 listings in 2010.

CL Waterfront Properties LLC sold or placed under agreement $55M during this time, which represents more than half of the $100M Waterfront market, excluding on-site sales.  CL Waterfront Properties LLC closed 11 properties over $900 per sq/ft.

Boston Waterfront aerial view

With nearly $15M under agreement and scheduled to close after the 1st of the year, 2011 should be a record year for CL Waterfront Properties LLC.

If you are interested in selling or buying Boston luxury property, you can browse all currently available luxury homes, search by Waterfront Building, or contact the experts at CL Waterfront Properties LLC for assistance.

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