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    About Mission Hill

    Mission Hill is one of Boston’s most unique neighborhoods, where residents co-exist with the largest hospital complex in the region, the Longwood Medical and Academic Area. This distinctive cohabitation brings opportunity to the area, but it also is the basis for conflicts, in terms of traffic, parking, institutional expansion and pollution. The opportunity it affords the neighborhood is the diverse residents drawn to the area, including families, working class, students, and medical center staff. This mix makes Mission Hill one of the most racially and economically diverse in the city.

    Once filled with farms and breweries, Mission Hill today is an architectural landmark district with a combination of single homes built by early landowners, blocks of traditional brick row houses, and large three family homes. A majority of development in Mission Hill has been institutional construction and expansions. Of the limited residential development that has occurred, a major focus has been on public housing projects.

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80 Terrace Street 503 80 Terrace Street 503 Mission Hill
14 Eldora Street 14 Eldora Street Mission Hill
80 Terrace Street 301 80 Terrace Street 301 Mission Hill
156-168 Terrace St 417 156-168 Terrace St 417 Mission Hill
9-11 Burney 201 9-11 Burney 201 Mission Hill
9-11 Burney 308 9-11 Burney 308 Mission Hill
9-11 Burney 206 9-11 Burney 206 Mission Hill
27 Wigglesworth P 27 Wigglesworth P Mission Hill
28 Stockwell St G 28 Stockwell St G Mission Hill
1536 Tremont L 1536 Tremont L Mission Hill