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Posted by:  Michael Sullivan

In the Boston real estate market, there is nothing more sought after and desired than a Waterfront property located in one of the historic Wharf buildings, which are made of brick, stone, and beams.

Some of these buildings you might know as “Lewis Wharf, Commercial Wharf, Union Wharf, Rowes Wharf or Battery Wharf.  When you hear the term “Law of Scarcity” or “They don’t build’em like that anymore” or “location, location, location”, think of these wonderful Wharf buildings on Boston’s Waterfront!

Commercial Wharf Boston condo interior

Bedroom of a Commercial Wharf Condo with Exposed Brick & Beam Interior Finishes

Boston’s Waterfront is truly unique, not only does a Waterfront home in one of these luxury Wharf buildings offer amazing views, but the buildings that occupy the existing frontage are built with granite, hand hewed beams, and Boston brick by talented artisans of a by- gone era using the best possible craftsmanship.

The Waterfront Wharf buildings majestically extend like fingers out into Boston’s saltwater harbor, and are even more unique than the Waterfront on which they located.  These Wharf buildings have Boston’s rugged, distinctive and yet refined old-world appeal.  Many of these buildings are nearly two hundred years old and have been recently renovated bringing them into the 21st century with every modern amenity.

When considering the purchase of a home in Boston, one must also consider that in this marketplace the uniqueness of the Boston’s Waterfront Wharf buildings make for an excellent choice because they hold and provide the best value for resale.  These magnificent buildings become only more desirable and valuable as they age.  Contact CL Waterfront Properties LLC today for help buying your next luxury waterfront home.

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