Saint Agrippina Feast – VIVA!


Posted By: Joe Taglieri

The Saint Agrippina Feast is this weekend on Hanover St. in the Historic North End.  Come join the festivities, Friday July 30th – Sunday Aug 1st!

The opening of the feast at 459 Hanover Street. Where a life size statue in a beautiful ornate canopy will be taken from the Chapel and taken amid the decorated streets of the North End accompanied by the North End Marching Band. Each year since 1914, this group of devoted people come together to renew their faith in Boston’s North End, as was the custom in the land of origin, Mineo, Sicily. Each year everyone is invited to witness the respect and honor that is bestowed on this young, beautiful martyred saint.

Saint Agrippina North End Boston

Wonderful community events like this are just another reason to make Boston’s North End your new neighborhood!  Contact CL Waterfront Properties LLC if you’d like more information on living in one of Boston’s most desirable areas!


Boston Waterfront Sales Data: June 2009 vs June 2010


Posted By: Dave Costello

Boston Waterfront condo sales improve from last year.Home sales along Boston’s Waterfront were stagnant in June 2009, with only 7 homes closing and total market volume of just $6.564M.  The average sale price for the month was $937,714 and only 2 homes closed over $1M.

Home sales for June 2010 are much improved from last year. 11 homes closed last month and total market volume nearly doubled at $11.986M. The average sale price for June was $1.089M and 2 homes closed over $2.5M.

If you’re thinking of buying a Boston Waterfront home, contact CL Waterfront Properties for advice from an experienced Realtor you can rely on.


Explore the Waterfront along The Boston Harborwalk


Posted By: Joe Taglieri

Get out and explore Boston’s Waterfront by visiting The Boston Harborwalk!

From the promenades in East Boston and the boardwalks of Charlestown, through the busy wharfs of the North End/Waterfront, from the bustling Fort Point Channel through the South Boston working port to the beaches of South Boston and Dorchester, there are so many exciting places to go.

The Boston Harborwalk is an inviting public walkway along the waterfront. There are parks, public art, seating areas, cafes, exhibit areas, water transportation facilities, and a wide range of other amenities. The Boston Harbor Association works closely with the City of Boston’s Environmental Department, the Boston Redevelopment Authority, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, and waterfront property owners to ensure completion of the 46.9 mile Harborwalk.

For all the great stops of visit on The Boston Harborwalk visit: http://www.bostonharborwalk.com/placestogo/

For all the things to do on The Boston Harborwalk visit:  http://www.bostonharborwalk.com/thingstodo/

Boston Harborwalk map


Luxurious Living at The Intercontinental


Posted By: Stacey Zukowski

Sushi Teq Intercontinental BostonTequila Tuesdays at The Intercontinental. The outside bar and lounge area at The Intercontinental had their annual summer launch party. It is “THE” place to hang with friends and enjoy outdoor dining, drinking and music.  Tuesday nights are great with Tequila Tuesdays.  Sushi Teq has their bar outside and has samba dancers dancing around the patio and watch out… or they might grab you to get up and give it a whirl.  The backyard at The Intercontinental is not only great for adults but for kids as well. All of the younger residents in the building ride their bikes, play soccer and hockey and set up regular weekly dodgeball and kickball games.  It is a fantastic place to live for families of any age.

Rumbar Intercontinental  BostonBeing a resident, I know first hand how great the building is. There is a huge sense of community and the staff will bend over backwards to accommodate your every need.  We also cannot forget the spa. It is so luxurious and you can relax in the sauna/steam before or after your treatments.  There is also a great health club and indoor pool.  Rumbar in the lobby is also the place to be to watch your favorite local sports team…not to mention, most of them frequent the place and you might be so lucky as to have a drink or two with them.  I recommend the “Rumbullion”.

Did I mention the 15% discount on all food and services you receive as a resident?

Contact me if you’d like to schedule a viewing of one of the Residences at the Intercontinental.


Waterfront Condo Market Rebounds From 2009


Posted By: Dave Costello

After a record year for condo sales in 2008, in which the Waterfront saw total market volume of $119M (110 transactions), market volume dipped to $88M (101 transactions) in 2009.  2010 is showing signs of recovery however, as $43M (47 transactions) of market volume have been recorded through June 1st — versus only $20M (20 transactions) during this time last year.

If you’re thinking of investing in Boston Waterfront real estate, contact CL Waterfront Properties today for advice from one of our knowledgeable agents.

housing market improves graphic


Closed 2 Transactions in 90 Days of Operations


CL Waterfront Properties Sold 2 Deals in First 90 DaysWe closed our first two transactions in our first 90 days of operations.

We closed a 2,800+ sq.ft. single-floor residence at Union Wharf.  This brick and beam beauty had direct harbor views, 2 balconies, 2 deeded parking spaces and fabulous living and entertaining space.  This property sold for $2.7 Million.

We also closed on a residence at Battery Wharf, the Waterfront’s newest development.  This beautiful home had a split floor with 2 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms.  It faced south with Harbor & Skyline views and has a large, private balcony off the living and dining room.  Our buyers were thrilled to move into this luxury property and enjoy its full service amenities.  This property closed at $1,495 Million.

Contact CL Waterfront Properties LLC today for help finding your ideal luxury home!


Fastest Growing Real Estate Company in Boston Massachusetts 2010


Fastest Growing Real Estate company and most listings on the Waterfront in the last 3 months.

With $45 Million in listings since January 1st, CL WATERFRONT PROPERTIES LLC is the fasting growing real estate company on Boston’s Waterfront.

We have listings at all the major Waterfront buildings and listings at The Residences Mandarin Oriental, Heritage on the Common, and facing the Charles River on Beacon Street.

bedroom interior, The Residences Mandarin Oriental, Boston

bedroom interior, The Residences Mandarin Oriental, Boston

Our beautiful new offices with over 10 windows facing Atlantic Avenue has helped “jump start” our thriving business.

Call us today at (617) 624-9700!


Have $7.9 million to spare? Manny finally serious about selling, broker says


Read The Original article Posted by Scott Van Voorhis on March 18, 2010 here:


Manny Ramirez selling his Ritz Carlton padReally? Is this guy ever serious about anything?

Leaving that larger cosmic question aside, former Sox slugger turned Dodger Manny Ramirez is finally ready to cut a deal and sell his 4,500-square-foot penthouse atop one of Boston’s top condo towers, his latest broker contends.

This news, if you can call it that, comes after eight years of rather bizarre efforts by Manny and a merry-go-round of local brokers to unload his 37th floor condo palace atop the Residences at the Ritz-Carlton.

John Ford, a top downtown broker, offers a short but amusing chronology of Manny’s many sales efforts over the years on The Boston Real Estate Blog.

It is a puzzling pattern that stretches all the way back to 2002 and has seen Manny and his various brokers put his condo and then pull it off the market at least four times at prices ranging from $6.9 million to nearly $9 million.

My favorite: Putting his condo back on the market in the depth of the real estate crash last year for a hefty $8.5 million, a $1.6 million increase over its price back in the boom year of 2005.

My assumption was that Manny hasn’t sold yet because he simply can’t find a buyer willing to play the fool too and shell out nearly $8 million or more for a condo he originally bought for $5.8 million in 2001.

Simple me.

No, Manny had serious offers, really good ones, but he just wasn’t ready to part with his precious Ritz penthouse, notes Carmela Laurella, who has taken over the listing.

Laurella is speaking with some experience, having previously marketed Manny’s pad for luxury condo marketing and research shop Otis & Ahearn.

Now she’s on her own, and has won back the listing after Manny went out to market again in search of a new sales team.

She’s pledging to knock herself out to finally get Manny’s condo sold, even talking of a sale by the end of summer.

But there are serious problems with Laurella’s attempt to paper over Manny’s antics. Asked why he wasn’t previously serious about selling, she argues Manny was still playing for the Sox and wasn’t ready to cut ties with the Hub.

No matter that Manny donned Dodger blue back in the summer of 2008.

But here’s the bigger problem. Serious or not, Manny may have really messed this one up big time.

On the plus side, demand for multimillion-dollar downtown condos is finally showing signs of life again after an abysmal 2009.

Manny’s Ritz penthouse was one of a kind when he bought it back in 2001. The newly minted condo tower near the Common was pretty much the only game in town.

But guess what? There have been a whole lot of pricey downtown condos built since then, with a lot for buyers with millions to blow on such units to pick from.

The posh Mandarin Oriental has a number of condos back on the market, while the deluxe W Boston and Clarendon both recently opened with lots for wealthy buyers to pick from.

Competition aside, Laurella insists Manny’s skyrise penthouse is one of the top five condos in Boston.

If the problem really has been getting Manny serious about selling, then we will find out the truth of that pretty fast.